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Change your surroundings with Pleasanton’s finest landscaping professionals from Swanson’s Landscaping. Stop looking at dry grass, patches of dirt, and cracked cement walkways. Call us today and you can have a new backyard with rich green grass, stone walkways, and proper irrigation and drainage systems that will keep it beautiful and well-maintained for the life of your home. Best of all, we can do it for a price that you can afford, one that will leave you with enough left to do some work on the inside of your home when we’re done.

The outside of your home is the part that everyone sees, not just you and those who you allow in through the front door. Having an exterior that is clean, neat, and properly maintained is important if you want to earn the respect of those who live around you. If you’re looking for an upgrade, a new look that will replace that drab and dull yard, fence, or walkway that’s out there now, Swanson’s Landscaping has the solution for you.

Quality landscape design at an affordable price is something every homeowner wants and you can get with a phone call right now. If you live in Pleasanton and are looking for someone to change the look of the land around your home we are the landscaping company that can do it for you. Swanson’s Landscaping has been in business since 1994 and we know how to please our customers. Call us and we’ll show you.

Make your back yard a more pleasant place with Pleasanton’s best landscaping company Swanson’s Landscaping. Your grass can be greener and your stone walkways can be cleaner when you allow us to do what we do best, beautify your home. For fifteen years now we’ve been improving the home and business properties of our community by changing the exterior to give the occupants a more pleasant view from the interior.

How many times have you looked out at your back or front yard and thought about hiring a landscape company to change it for you? At Swanson’s Landscaping that is exactly what we do, we make sure that what you see when you look out over your property is what you want to see, not a disappointment but something you can take pride in. It’s not just the green space, the lawn and shrubbery, but the walkways, walls, fences, and irrigation that make a yard beautiful.

At Swanson’s Landscaping we’ve spent a decade and a half helping people just like you improve the exterior look of their home with quality landscaping. Call us today and one of landscape design professionals will come over and go through the options we have available. They’re much more affordable than you think and a good landscaping job will actually improve the value of your home. Let us show you how.

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