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There’s no reason to look any further than Swanson’s Landscaping for all of your Livermore landscaping needs. Let us design the perfect setting for you with decks, fencing, plants, stamped concrete and low voltage outdoor lighting so you can see it all at night as well as you see it during the day. We’re not just a landscaping contractor; we’re landscaping designers who create a masterpiece every time we’re asked to change the view from someone’s kitchen or dining room window.

Do you like what you see when you gaze out over your back yard? There’s no reason for you to have to put up with it any longer. A landscape designer from Swanson’s can help you plan a new look for your yard and them make that plan a reality. Imagine waterfalls, fountains, new masonry work, and lush green foliage that will make your neighbors stop and stare. Tell them not to worry, though. If they really like what we create for you we’d be happy to do the same for them, and at the same affordable price.

The balance between green and brick or concrete work is what separates a professionally done back yard from one that was merely redone by an average landscaper. At Swanson’s we are anything but average. We’re designers, artists, and people who take pride in our work. That’s what you as a homeowner need when you decide to change the landscape around your home, someone who will put the effort in because we care as much as you do.

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